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Recordings on Youtube

For those who would like to try hypnosis recordings you will find my generic hypnosis tracks on youtube which you can like and subscribe to be kept up to date with all new generic recordings that I will be upload. Although these can be very effective they may not work for everyone as they are not specifically tailored. If you require a more effective and personally tailored recording email with your information and requests.

Support Recordings for Clients

A supporting recording is provided for all clients individually created which can be used as and when to deepen work undertaken in one to one sessions.

Individually Tailored Recordings

For the highest level of effectiveness a bespoke recording is always advised as each individual has their own reason for doing what they do.  If you want an individually tailored or personalised track specifically created and recorded for you, email and you will be emailed back a questionnaire for completion.

Cost £50 for a hardcopy cd or MP3 audio file

Personalised recording will be created 2-3 days following receipt of completed questionnaire.

Your custom made hypnotherapy recording will last between 15 and 45 minutes and may contain any of the following:

Relaxation music, positive statements or affirmations and hypnotic suggestions

It is recommended that you listen to your personalised hypnotherapy recording daily for one month to experience the deepest and maximum benefit.

Email me today to find out more and how to order your personalised recording.