Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy need not be confused with stage hypnosis as the only intention for a hypnotherapy session is for the ultimate benefit of the client. As an individual needs to want it to happen, expect it to happen and allow it to happen the client is ultimately in control of his or her mind and how deeply into a relaxed state they go.


The term self hypnosis was first coined in 1841 by Dr James Braid a Scottish physician and surgeon who taught it to his clients for them to use of their own accord and in their own time. The individual can use self hypnosis for relaxation or for a specific goal.

For self induced hypnotic state to be attained the individual must be motivated, relaxed with minimal distractions, concentration and focus. Focus of attention on a goal such as covering a topic or deep physical relaxation.

Imagine if you could relax at the drop of a hat. Imagine being fully in control of how you feel.

With practice you can induce physical state of relaxation easily and quickly, or achieve a feeling of confidence or happiness just by putting finger and thumb together.

Learn self hypnosis and give yourself the freedom and control over your own state. Book a session now and learn self hypnosis