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Sports Improvement


Mental, autogenic training and hypnosis have been used in sports for some time. For instance it is known that the Russian Olympic Team took 11 hypnotists to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

Athletes use all kinds of technology to improve performance including equipment, advanced training methods, nutrition and sports psychology. Hypnosis, visualisation techniques and methods of focusing will power will enable a sportsperson or athlete to improve.

Hypnosis can help sports performance

You don’t have to be a champion to use hypnosis. Anyone can learn and perfect simple, self-hypnosis techniques for:

  • Mental imagery and future rehearsal of success
  • Focusing on success, strategy (how to get into the success zone when you need to)
  • Overcoming mental blocks and barriers
  • Reinforcing self-belief, motivation and positive thinking

Hypnosis can be useful with all kinds of individual and competitive sports. The greatest of champions and athletes also tend to be the ones who have learned to think successfully, they have mastered the psychology of their individual sport.

Improved sporting performance with mental training and visualisation techniques

Hypnotherapy is being used more and more frequently in the world of sports to help athletes enhance performance naturally by harnessing the power of the mind. You too could harness your own mental ability and improve both physical control and concentration. Whether you want to improve your golf, apply more focus when you are competing at athletics or alleviate nerves before a competition then hypnosis could help you.

For an athlete, no matter what sport you play or what your professional/amateur status, the longing to constantly improve inspires you to be the best you can; but sometimes training alone is not sufficient to achieve your goals. Mental training techniques are now frequently considered an essential part of any sportsperson’s regular routine.

Hypnosis could help you get both your physical and mental attributes working together in unison. To be able to perform at the peak of your ability you need to believe that you can do it. Often the problem lies in you subconsciously concentrating on your past failures, and what you could have done differently, rather than visualising your future successes… which is where sports improvement hypnosis could help!

Some of the commonest areas where hypnotherapy could prove useful for improved sports performance are detailed below, however this list is not exhaustive and you may have specific issues affecting your own performance.

Visualisation techniques could help you to:

  • Deal with anxiety or nerves before performing or competing
  • Improve confidence, concentration and co-ordination
  • Improve motivation for training
  • Polish technique i.e. heighten awareness of movement and body position
  • Overcome inhibiting thoughts and mental blocks about your performance
  • See yourself succeeding… winning…

Issues like stress, trouble sleeping, fears and phobias, excess weight or other emotional issues can all get in the way of your achievements however if you are motivated to succeed and rid yourself of these issues then hypnotherapy could help with these too.

So whether you are a professional sportsman or woman, or simple have something you want to prove to yourself, why not see if hypnotherapy for sports performance could help you!



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