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Losing weight with hypnosis

Weight Loss

Losing weight can be easier than thought with the use of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

For the majority of people the need to lose weight is due to an unhealthy eating pattern over a period of time. Generally the eating pattern deemed as unhealthy is due to consistently eating more than the body needs. Losing weight is done by establishing a healthy eating pattern and using more energy than consuming.  Other forms of unhealthy eating pattern such as bulimia can also be dealt with by hypnosis and psychotherapy.

For long term effects a 3 session plan is recommended and for some a 7 session may be advised.  As the reason is within the client letting go of the weight pattern is always done at the speed dictated by the client’s subconscious.

Habit or Compulsion

We all do things for reasons. Some actions are with conscious intention and some are done without a thought. These actions done without thoughts are termed habits and generally divided into two categories.

  • Habit
  • Compulsion

As habits are enacted without conscious thought the trigger is seated in the subconscious which is why hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can be very effective at releasing the unhealthy eating pattern.

In the three session plan generally the first session is the information gathering and preparation for future sessions that often includes a lengthy relaxation session.

In the second session confirmation of whether the eating pattern is in place purely due to habit or whether there is still a reason for the compulsion to be triggered.

In the third session release of the habit and/or compulsion is undertaken.

Many people think they know why they do habits, but thinking about it if the reason is in the subconscious then they will not know the real reason for overeating will they?

Finding out the reason for overeating is not the goal, it could actually be termed ‘fools gold’ as the purpose is to let go of the overeating pattern then to establish a healthy eating pattern and not to find the reason. The reason may become apparent during the releasing of the pattern and sometimes it may be just a blank when thinking about why you overate in the past.

If you want to stop overeating when do you want to stop? How do you feel if you were to continue eating the same way for the next 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Now, when do you want to start losing weight?


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